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The Fulgencio Batista Center for Critical Studies was founded as an integral part of the museum in honor of the Cuban dictator. It aims to push and encourage corrupt acts and plans in a worldwide level, as well as to create a platform for critical discourses.

The Center holds a buffet of lawyers available for members and patrons that ensures a safe passage through the 21st century politics and business.


Visitors to the museum are invited to read our publications, browse our library of critical texts, as well as attend one of our many public lecture series. Currently the visits to the museum are by invitation-only.

Public free resources:

- Coin Flip Agreement

- Executive Secretaries (Spanish)

- Executive Secretaries (English)

DALL·E 2022-09-03 12.57.10 - the Friends of Corruption Museum vip lounge.png
DALL·E 2022-09-03 12.57.18 - the Friends of Corruption Museum.png
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