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If something can corrupt you,

you are corrupt already <3

About Us

Our Story

Friends of Corruption Museum was founded by the Nimda Museums Authority through the generous support of the Nimda Endowment for the Arts as a reminder and memorial for corruption on a worldwide level.


The museum's location remains unveiled and individual & group visits are by invitation only. We cannot offer an address to discuss this matter. Please call Nimda International or use the Chat Bot for more information. We will keep up to date current events locations on this website.


For more information visit

Who We Are

The museum's staff is well trained and has successfully taught our whole movement. Currently we are embracing the proper use of ransomware and AI technologies.

We believe it is natural that you are too scared to publicly join our voice! Let us help you understand what's going on with us and what we do, without compromising your security. If you love privacy, we are happy to answer your questions and help you out. You are about to see our first wave of ransomware victims through the heart of April. 


We're taking the risk and help you make a difference, because it's time to make a difference.  Please call us. We are here to help. If you would like to share, please do so without blocking us from doing so. And finally, to all the new victims, please thank you for your money. -  



Amanda McQueen 

Cybersecurity Counsel for Friends of Corruption Museum

Our Vision

Friends of Corruption Museum looks to promote a culture that favors corruption with the objective of improving life quality for the 1%.


In addition, it aims to promote awareness of the need to support the 1% through education in the humanities and social sciences. Courses at the Fulgencio Batista Center for Critical Studies have already been accepted by institutions across the country. The courses include seminars on political and economic topics, government, and our business ethics. 


About Us




Financial Advisory & Window Dressing

We are Museum, not a financial services company. We are actively helping people obtain services to take advantage of their local market. We take action to promote and protect a seller's well-being and financial health. We are also happy to make recommendations for how to evade Financial Reporting Services Programs.

For the past quarter we continue to offer a suite of services designed to provide customers with timely access to the best possible solutions. Our services are available to all of our locations. We also have a small number of venues that we operate in the United States, Canada, and Europe and the United Kingdom. For more information about our various services, please visit our privacy page.

Willful Evasion & Assurance

Making profits isn't easy. Many people think entrepreneurs just land gigs, but that is far from the truth. Willful evasion is a must if you want your business to bloom. A few examples: A great developer will make a big decision not to build a new tech lab, but to put a wall around their existing location. Because that's where they are. When entrepreneurs take down the wall, they're not only putting it back in, they're also bringing to market them again. They're putting out an order so people can get their work back to them. Then of course, if the wall isn't built, the only solution is to wait and see what the next marketer has to show, even if that means making a few million dollars. That never happens for startups. A successful entrepreneur, in many ways, needs to get away with being dishonest.

What We Offer

Tax Evation

If you want to grow, evading taxes is a must. No one goes rich by following rules. You must make your own rules. When you decide where to produce or sell on your tax season, look at the details carefully. There's no such thing as an impossible budget. Tax season must be structured to suit every single individual.


What are the key components of a tax season? Do some common budget and tax season questions matter? Are there deductions and exemptions? Are some deductions required? Are some taxable income tax credits available? Some tax deductions for items like medical expenses and charitable contributions?


Tax policy matters, as well, and you should be able to figure out how to manage your deductions with tax brackets that are not based on race, sex, or religion. It will help you understand and negotiate when paying taxes and how these taxes pay for themselves.

Fraud Creation

Is there a formula to create the perfect fraud?


When is a scam supposed to result?


We won't know until we've actually seen it. Is there simply something we should know about that this case needs to be corrected? After all, a lot of the cases that we try and change on the internet can never be correct.


After all, if they weren't we wouldn't even know the answer. One might argue that in the first place, many of those people have no way to identify and resolve any such cases and they may do things that violate the law to hide or hide their true motives. But there's a huge difference between "a scam" and a "fix." To aid you we have created the Fulgencio Batista Center for Critical Studies, which mission is to bring all our educational and cultural projects to life.

Savings solutions

How to be corrupt and save money?


The basic idea behind this is you're either corrupt in the eyes of your friends, family, and regular citizens, or you're doing it right, assuring the preservation of a legacy. We are talking about saving money.


The idea of a corruption of money comes in two parts: business which is the source, and then we have the middle man. We can help you become a middleman.


If someone says that you're doing it well, go and deal with that. Learn to do the necessary thing to avoid public humiliation and push financial gain.


Learn to use your local government as a source. If you're running you're not an outsider, you're running a businessman.


If you're doing your own thing, you're free to do your own thing.



Deep Industry Knowledge

We hold all the knowledge to help you. Legal loopholes? Identity Theft?  Just name what you need from us. We love ransomware, and by pioneering in AI we are making sure to make a powerful transition to the Internet 3.0.

Years of Experience

Decades of expertise in corruption avail our institution. After six hundred years, we now possess the most prestigious institution in the subject.


If your decision to join us is yet to be made, we can share with you that one of our spokespersons said that "as long as there is no suggestion of money laundering, we will reduce federal authorities powers over corruption."

Cultural Events

Friends of Corruption Museum looks to promote a culture of corruption for its worldwide members, with the objective of improving their life quality. A special exhibition, featuring art pieces and special performances from artists both locally and internationally, will take place at the Seven Seas Motel on November 29, 2021 during Miami's Artweek.


To learn more about the Arts and Sciences of Corruption museum and its other projects, visit the links at the end of this page.


To see our past and future events please visit the links at the end of this page. This year the museum's exhibition  is scheduled for November 29-5 in Miami Beach, Florida, in Room 222 of the Seven Seas Motel. To learn more, please visit the link at the bottom of this page.

Why Us



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Jardines en la Montaña, CDMX 014210



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